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Partners, a monthly newsletter

Produced by the Texas Department of Transportation's Public Transportation Division

Community Transportation. Regional Coordination.

November 2008

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The Partners newsletter has been on a brief hiatus but is now resuming production. The Public Transportation Division (PTN) will continue to use this newsletter to share information on opportunities for regional transportation coordination. Partners is written specifically for lead agencies. PTN encourages you to share this newsletter with your own regional partners and welcomes your input. Contact Linda Gonzalez at [email protected] or (512) 416-2805 with comments or suggestions for future articles.

New 2009 Billing Form

New billing forms (TxDOT Form 1793E-PTN and TxDOT Form 1793R-PTN) have been sent to lead agencies with contracts to conduct regional coordination planning activities in FY 2009. These forms are slightly modified to provide clarification on some requirements. For instance, the beginning- and end-date spaces on the forms should indicate the beginning- and end-dates for the particular billing period (not the beginning- and end- dates of the contract). In addition, lead agencies should review the instructions on Form 1793R-PTN. Instruction #3, for example, clarifies what information is needed when billing for personnel or contractual expenditures.

Contact Steve Wright at (512) 416-2811 or [email protected] with questions.

CTAA Webinars

CTAA has announced three new webinars. These webinars are funded by the Community Transportation Association's Joblinks Employment Transportation Initiative and are free of charge but registration is required. The first webinar will be held October 30th. For more information about the webinars go to

Texas' 2008 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award Winners

This year Texoma Council of Governments, Ark-Tex Council of Governments, and East Texas Council of Governments have been recognized for their innovative and excellent approaches to regional transportation planning, programming, and implementation. Read the about their projects as well as others across the country that received the 2008 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award by going to

What is the Public Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC)?

The Public Transportation Advisory Committee is a statutory advisory committee consisting of 11 members who are charged with representing the transportation providers, transportation users, and the general public. PTAC is appointed by the Texas Transportation Commission and provides advice and recommendations to the commission on public transportation issues and proposed transit policies.

July 23-24 Workshop Information

Information from the July 23-24th workshops can now be found on the Regional Service Planning website. You will find the agenda, track presentations and materials, and open session presentations. Click here to go directly to this information.